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Welcome to our web site! We are the Henzlers, serving over twenty years with ABWE in Peru, South America; Togo, West Africa; and Chile, South America. We are now in our ninth year in Managua, Nicaragua. Our first two years God gave us a very exciting ministry as we helped start a new church among the professional Nicaraguans. We were then involved in partnering with nationals in ABWE's first large-scale Institute of Church Planters in the Americas. Our children, Andrew and Suzanna, who were born in Chile, have happily grown up in Central America.

Famine Relief in Nicaragua

Through the years, we have come to understand that while evangelism and church planting are the heart and soul of the Great Commission, an indispensable task to having fruit that will last long term is training national leadership. With this in mind, we try to balance a threefold ministry in building the Kingdom of God in as many countries as we can influence for Christ. We've discovered that the most effective way for us to make this work is through saturation church planting using an Institute of Church Planters. God has opened our ministry far beyond Nicaraguan shores to make it a global ministry. Much of what we do now is in creative access areas, so we trust you'll understand that specific details cannot be shared over the internet, but we appreciate all those who partner with us in these new opportunities for multiplication church planting globally.  

Thanks for checking us out on the web, and we hope you enjoy the site!

Suzanna, Diane, Mark and Andrew

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