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Institute of Church Panters

New church plant in La Concha - meeting in the 'garage' of an ox cart

Seven years ago, after almost 25 years of church planting in Latin America, including Peru, Chile and Nicaragua. I felt challenged to pray about a new model of church planting that would accomplish three objectives: be reproducible for our Nicaraguan believers, be more efficient in terms of time and money invested as foreigners in the land where God had called us to minister, and allow for greater respect and partnership with our national brothers in our host country.

Even though we had always partnered with Peruvians, Chileans or Nicaraguans whereever we worked, the current methodology of church planting we were using wasn’t accomplishing those objectives. I believed the answer was something called “multiplication church planting.” I asked God to give me 10 men who had a desire to plant churches, but who had no experience or knowledge of how to do so. With them I believed we could assemble a team of national pastors and ABWE missionaries to train and mentor those men in order to help them start churches.

It was a big move of faith. We had no plan or detailed model of how to do this, we didn’t have 10 men, and I would have to change the paradigm of my own ministry philosophy. I was going to have to stop pastoring in order to equip other men to learn to pastor new churches. 

Out of this vision of faith was birthed the Institute of Church Planters, a two year program where missionaries, pastors, and church planters teach church planters for 3 days each month and then continue to mentor them throughout the entire process. In just seven years, the Institute of Church Planters has:

  • Empowered 35 Nicaraguan pastors to plant 26 new churches
  • Trained disciple-makers to bring the gospel to diverse communities across the nation
  • Given the vision to church planters to birth new churches out of their own church
  • Given our Nicaraguan believers the vision to start 2 new branch Institutes of Church Planters; one in Matagalpa, a coffee growing region in northern Nicaragua, and the other in Malacatoya, a rice growing region around Lake Nicaragua
  • Given the vision to train Nicaraguan church planters for ministry around the world. With God’s help we hope to be sending Nicaraguan missionaries to the Muslim world

Will you help partner with this movement of God and build up leaders in Nicaragua?