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God is continuing to build a wonderful support team of partners in our Nicaragua church planting and leadership training ministry. We believe that God uses a whole team of colaborers to advance the Gospel, therefore no one but He Himself can recieve full glory for the great things that are accomplished in His name.

Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth. (3 John 8)

We have the great priviledge of joinging the greatest project humankind has ever known, the building of God's Church! We are joinging by giving our lives to serve in the second poorest country in the Americas. This is very challenging however, as we currently have a support need of $2,200 1,500 (!).

We rejoice for the two new churches that have just partnered with us, churches who have faithfully supported us and are now increasing their support, as well as individuals who want to partner with what is God is doing in Nicaragua. 

Please help us meet this goal so that we may return to Nicaragua permanently!

If God moves you to become a support partner, click here to join: Become a Support Team Partner

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And...Thank you - we appreciate your sacrifice to give so generously to this work!