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Mark Henzler on April 12, 2014

earthquake Apr 10 2014 Earthquake April 10-11, 2014

Just as residents of Managua were clearing up the damage from an earthquake on Thursday (April 10th), a second earthquake struck Nicaragua on Friday.

Measuring 6.6 on the richter scale it could be felt as far away in San Jose in Costa Rica.The government had evacuated buildings and schools were closed on Friday as thousands of aftershocks continued to rattle the country, which helped avoid many injuries when the second quake struck. The government raised the number of those injured in Thursday’s quake from 23 to 200 and one person was reported to have died.

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Please pray for our brothers and sister in Christ, many of whose homes were damaged. After three days of the ground shaking, the emotional toll is quite high. This Sunday will be an excellent opportunity to share Christ's mercy as no doubt churches will be full.